Information for Reviewers/PC members


The review process of iNaCoMM 2013 is designed to be entirely paperless, by the use of the online Conference Management System EasyChair. For the convenience of the reviewers, the steps for accessing the papers assigned to each reviewer and  uploading the reviews  are given in the following. The same can also be downloaded in the form of a PDF file.


Online review process through the EasyChair site

Step 1:
You would have received an email from EasyChair (on behalf of iNaCoMM 2013) which includes a link to the EasyChair site. Please use it to create an account for yourself. If you already have an account (associated with the same email address), then you can skip this step.


Step 2: Log into your EasyChair account. You would see a screen such as the following:


Click the link My papers under Reviews menu. You would see the paper(s) assigned to you for review, on a screen such as this:



The paper(s) can be downloaded by clicking the link Paper (i.e., the picture  ) against each paper.


To upload your review, click on the link add new review (click the picture ) against any of the papers. The review web-form for that particular paper opens up for you. It looks like this:



Step 3: Please leave the block "Paper and reviewer information" blank, as by default the system designates you as the reviewer. You would need to fill in these fields only if you were to assign the task of review to another person.


Please complete the review form and provide your detailed comments on the paper in the textbox. You can also upload PDF files with review comments if you so desire. You can help the authors by marking your corrections on the PDF/hardcopy, scanning and uploading the same through this link. Please ensure that your information is removed from the uploaded files.


Please ensure that the identity of the reviewer is not revealed in the detailed review. When creating PDF files, Windows sometimes inserts name and other identifying information. Before uploading any PDF created in Windows, check in Adobe Reader Menu 'File'>'Properties'>'Description' and delete identifying information (if any) from the tabs and save the file again.

Once the review is complete, please submit via the Submit review link.


Step 4: Steps 2 and 3 have to be repeated for all the papers assigned to you.

Please make sure that the reviews are as critical, detailed, and candid as possible. This would help the authors improve the papers, and contribute positively to the overall quality of the conference.


The conference has a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism. If you are aware of the paper being published elsewhere or copied from previously published material, please inform the Conference Chair immediately through an email to As noted above, all review reports/feedback, reviewer identity etc. are strictly confidential, and your identity would never be disclosed to the authors.

The reviews must be submitted by August 15, 2013 so that we can follow the time schedule.


If you have a difficulty in accessing your assigned papers/uploading reviews, please send us the details of the problem, along with the paper number, through an email: